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* Do you know how to increase your DNS security?

Suggested article from our blog: DNSSEC. The security extension for DNS

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension) is here to help you secure your DNS. Thanks to it, you won’t be a target of DNS Spoofing attacks, and your visitors won’t be redirected to malicious sites.

In order to secure the chain of trust, DNSSEC uses a cryptographic authentication method that combines the use of private and public keys. It needs to prove that the data (DNS records) are indeed coming from the right authoritative DNS server for the domain. Each hop gets verified from the previous, and your visitors will receive the proper DNS record they asked for.

How does DNSSEC or Domain Name System Security Extension work?

DNSSEC will create a dependency from the root zone to the domain name. It is a trust staircase that validates each next step.

Go ahead and dive deep into DNS security and DNSSEC. Here we have an excellent article about the topic!